Make writing a regular habit

I’ve just read two inspiring blogs about writing here and here. There are so many good books out there that I haven’t even gotten to yet. Much of the advice is similar to that of Stephen King’s book On Writing and Heinlein’s five rule’s of writing. It all boils down to:

  1. Write regularly
  2. Finish your writing
  3. Publish your writing

Rinse and repeat. It sounds simple, but as Corey J. White puts it a lot of people just talk about writing but never really do it. Reading is important too. I’ve read so many good books though, and it’s hard to really appreciate the time and effort they put in to really fine tuning their products. Some of the stuff I’ve read by Ray Bradbury on writing is really amazing. He would basically rent out this typewriter in the basement of the local library at a quarter an hour or whatever and just crank out as much stuff as he could, send it in and do that until he had a career. All inspiring stuff. Gotta get back to writing now!

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